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Spaghetti and meat sauce recipe and Mama Bilo's Amazing Meatball recipe - Delish!

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my Sicilian kitchen cookbook is an authentic Italian cookbook influenced by traditional sicilian family recipes. My cookbook was crafted with love and family history, bringing you the true culinary influence from Palermo Sicily. Enjoy my Sicilian kitchen, now from my kitchen to yours!
Cookbook Influence..

Sicilian cooking has always been about flavor, fresh ingredients, craft-style preparation and the colors and intensity of the region! Italian cooking, with a Sicilian flair, is taken to the next level with my family's authentic recipes painstakingly preserved in their orginal form. The recipes I share in my cookbook have been prepared by Bilo family members for generations - and are now passed on to you and your family. Make them a tradition! You will soon learn how special they truly are.

Delicious Recipe Chapters:
  • Antipasti (Appetizers)
  • Primi (First Courses)
  • Secondi (Main Courses)
  • Conrori (Side Dishes)
  • Dolci (Desserts)

Our Italian heritage is demonstrated through the love and art of Italian cooking. The recipes in "MY SICILIAN KITCHEN", such as our easy to make caprese salad or the AMAZING signature dish of Mama Bilo's Meatballs, are straight forward, filled with love and family history - every attention to detail for authenticity and preparation style is preserved. This cookbook will not only give you a feeling for old-world Sicily through cooking techniques and a history of my family, but a real taste of true Sicily!

In my family, love is shared by cooking homemade Sicilian meals! Make my Sicilian kitchen your go-to recipe cookbook for your family, entertaining and special events.

Buon Appetito!
Linda Bilo-Brechtel

In honor of Linda's mother..

Linda will donate a portion of the proceeds to local Children's charities. Mama Bilo was a big believer in helping Children!
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